Jeanette Corbeek (1968) inherited her love for horses from her father, since her mother mostly thought of them as scary. Dad always visited the inspections, like the one in Groningen, and heworked at the Railways, and the slaughterhouse. He came from a little farm at the  Wegtersweg in Hengelo, where Jeanette’s brother Jan and sister Evelien grew up. Jeanette herself was born at the Bornsestraat, where she also spent most of her younger years.

When she was about 4, her sister Evelien already took her with to a farmer named Knippert, where Evelien put her on a little spotted pony called Peter. “But I was lying more on my back than I was sitting on the pony,” Jeanette remembers all too well. From up her sixth year she was trained by Mr. Mosterdman from the Tichelhoeve in Hengelo. “He taught me everything, and I already stood out a bit at that place.”

Trough B-pony Sindala Jan from the family Leying and C-pony Johnboy from Tonnie Pompen she got to work for the Family Wolves in Wierden. She was about twelve, and for that job she went back and forth by train every day for a little over a year. After that she search for her happiness closer to home. Her sister already worked for the brothers Peters at the Brugginsweg, and until Jeanette’s 21st she stayed there. She got to ride Kitana, the older horse of her sister Evelien, until younger horses were bought from Herman Olthof. He came to the stable 2 months later and asked Jeanette if she wanted to come and ride for him. After 3 years at Olthof, 6 years at Daan Leuveld followed, a period on which she also looks back with a lot of joy. “For him I mostly rode stallions, and I also helped a lot with the kids Tom, Rick and Bas.”


The next part of her education she got at Robert Baader and Tom Wickstrom in Markelo. Next to the riding she also worked parttime and followed courses. At the end of 2007 Jeanette Corbeek started with her own stable, which she combined with her job as trainer-coach and rider for Silk-ka, the silk flower company from Patrick Oude Groeniger. His daughters Megan and Caily that rode quite well in the youth competitions.

Mid-April of 2015 Jeanette and her team moved to Wekerom in the region Gelderland. There Jeanette and her team have a brand new accomodation to work at. Here Jeanette focuses on her national and international carreer, and the trading of horses. She also still trains a couple of young regional talents (from Twente).

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